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Generational marketing employs demographic data about your target audience to communicate with them on their terms and in their interests, allowing your brand to transcend age.

Surprisingly, according to the most recent 2020 ASI Ad Impressions report, Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) owns the most promotional merchandise of all the generations. Millennials come in second. In the workplace, millennials and Generation Z are gradually becoming the dominating generations. You should consider products that appeal to these distinct generations when purchasing promotional items. It’s a good idea to start by learning about their interests and ideals.

Generation X are supporters of independence and work-life balance since they grew up with little adult supervision. They place a high priority on family and home. Try thinking about utilizing home themed items like coffee mugs, cutting boards, or coasters.

Millennials place a high importance on social issues, aesthetics, and innovation. Traditional marketing does not appeal to them, and they want to do business online. Millennials are big on social media because they rely on their friends and networks for information before making a decision. Your promos for millenials should have a technology component. Think QR codes and websites that are interactive and informative!

Gen Zers are starting to enter the workforce and will eventually make up the majority of the workforce. Gen Z, like Millennials, supports organizations that address social concerns and want to support companies whose mission matches with their own. They’re even more tech-savvy than Millennials, and they seek out the latest cutting-edge gadgets. Wireless chargers, lights, and other gadgets that can be used throughout the workday are becoming the most popular for the Gen Zers.

So what new items will you add to your Spring and Summer promos? Keep it authentic and unique and each generation will share enthusiasm for your brand!

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