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Color is part of what we do. We design graphics, logos, and a multitude of other products to help you get your name out in the open, but have you ever thought about what types of emotions and feelings color actually produce to those who view them?

We all have a very specific emotion when we look at a painting or picture with a lot of dark colors. Just look at Van Gogh here! Blue represents a cooling, relaxing, and sometimes sad type of emotion in artwork, but for a business logo it means just the opposite.

In fact, 33% of companies use blue in their logos in some form making it the top most popular color. Who would have thought? Maybe Kermit should start singing it’s good to be blue!

Blue is seen as a color of trust and security in the marketing world which means great things for companies like GE and Ford. We’ve all come to know those brands and many of us trust them when we see the logo without even owning a product by said company. What does that say about color theory? what’s more, is that companies who use blue are seen as responsible  which in our day means a lot when targeting consumers with purpose marketing strategies.

Keeping it Classy and Simple

Who says that two colors are boring? It’s actually the opposite. 95% of companies use only one or two colors in their logo and advertising materials in order to keep their text clean cut and simple and 41% use text only advertisements. Black and white can be a simple and classy way to spice up your advertisements too. Black represents true timelessness while white represents newness. Looks like our baby zebra has both of these already covered quite well.

Some argue that black and white aren’t colors at all, but are actually shades or tints that can change what actual hues look like. What do you think?

If you don’t quite have a logo yet, or you’re just looking for a way to redesign and refresh your business look, try considering the effect that colors have on those who view them. You might just surprise yourself when you find out what your logo COULD HAVE been projecting outwards.

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