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Technology is evolving every day and brands have to keep up with the trends. Most everyone has adapted the concept of a QR code to build engagement, but what about Augmented Reality or (AR). One of the first companies to pilot this new innovation states that  “With the scan of a QR code with the phone’s native camera, customers are able to view the product in a three-dimensional space and then enter into a real-life AR environment to view and share.”

Called Swagar, users can point their camera at a Swagar enabled QR code to learn more about a product or item. Users can activate AR mode by pressing the AR icon in the upper right corner of their smartphone/tablet screen and pointing it at a flat surface. This new addition to the consumer experience will revolutionize how people view and purchase items.

What does AR do for consumers?

AR allows customers to dive into aspects of the product, which are unavailable in the physical world. Like reviews, ratings, specifications, and availability. AR overlays offer shoppers the chance to get critical information about products right in the store. Sales discounts and offers are a crucial in-store marketing tool–and it keeps users engaged with your brand.

Besides making shopping more efficient, adding AR to a self-scanning mobile app can provide brands with a competitive advantage. From employees to shoppers, the surface has only just been scratched in terms of use cases. Because smartphones are so common among young and old, there is undoubtedly a role for AR in in-store marketing. Start looking at AR usage now and be at the forefront of pioneering technology.

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