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The market has certainly changed for designers and decorators, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be left behind. All industries this year have taken on new challenges and dealt with unanswered questions. When will this end? When can we get back to normal? How does the pandemic affect our customers? In short, retail sales have dropped 16.4% as of last April. Stores were closed and e-commerce gained a new foothold in the industry. So, how does a brick and mortar business stay afloat? By embracing new ideas and simple skills to keep your brand relevant in this digital market! Let’s check ’em out!

Virtual Customization Options

If you’re not working on a digital platform yet, get started! Virtual customization options allow customers to get exactly what they want. Using apparel designers that utilize QR (quick response) or AR (augmented-reality) allow consumers to experience interaction that mimics the traditional in person experience. You might try offering virtual consultations and video calls as well as chat options on your website. Think about attaching a QR code to your newest t-shirt designs and let customers learn more about your behind the scenes operation!

Crossover Products

A crossover product creates a bridge between a cause, company, and consumer. Ivory and Ella (a brand that supports elephant rescue and rehab) just rocked the crossover market by highlighting a customized elephant photo coupled with a metallic or color shifting embellishment.

Because most crossovers are limited edition products, they’ll create a demand and allow you to boost your sales while creating hype and engagement. Add a virtual tour or experience that adds videos or links that directly relate to your cause and allow your product to become an educational tool!

Why bother? I’m used to doing what I know!

If you’re feeling nervous about adding more virtual experiences to your brand, take a deep breathe! Here are just a few small benefits:

  • Less waste  – customer-led interfaces allow choice and freedom!
  • Less inventory on hand – keep your warehouse clear and make room for other materials.
  • Efficiency increases – digital orders allow you to become more aware of deadlines and less design errors!

Which digital trend will you jump on first? Once you take the plunge, think about how many new customers you’ll reach as well as regular customers you’ll inspire!

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