Spring into a New Season

Spring into a New Season

Here on the East Coast we’re just about sick and tired of the snow. Cold weather, gray skies, and blustery days are getting old and we’re ready to begin enjoying green trees and sunny days. With that being said, we’ve completed a seasonal product round-up to bring some color into your business.

Spring means the chance to go outside and enjoy the sunshine once again–without freezing. So, a lot of us are going to be enjoying hiking, walking, and biking regularly. Stay hydrated with our hands free wrist water bottle. It’s as easy to take a sip as if you were checking the time. Whether you’re running a marathon or you’re just walking on a gentle nature hike, a wrist bottle is innovative and fun. If you own a gym, bike shop, or fitness themed store try coupling this product with a promotional coupon to get customers psyched for the new season.

For the customers with green thumbs and a love of gardening you can get them started on their way to beautiful flora with a flower pot growing kit. It’s a small and convenient way to get spring here just a little bit quicker. The kit comes with a miniature watering can, blossom kit, seed packet, peat pellet and a metal planter. The watering can is reusable, so when you transplant your flowers you can water them, too. The planter can be easily personalized with a name and contact info for a sleek look.

Spring is about the kids too, right? It means they are just that much closer to summer break. What better way to celebrate than with bubbles? A classic toy for all ages, bubbles make a great addition to your spring promotion line. For teachers and schools, bubbles make a fun reward for good behavior and achievements. Bubbles are so versatile. Choose your color and logo placement and your product is ready to go.

What are you planning to do to promote the season change? Keep your ideas fresh with a green, outdoor theme and you’ll be sure to add some spring to your step!

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