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Writing instruments are some of the most popular promotional products for many reasons. Placing your brand’s information on a pen or pencil guarantees more impressions and visibility. Writing instruments can be more than just pens though! If you’re worried about your pens and pencils getting stashed in a desk drawer step outside the pencil box and try these ideas on for size.


Highlights are excellent items for students and teachers alike, but they’re also great for job fairs and college recruiters. We love the Liquimark Broad tip highlighter, but their school supply kit ties all of the best writing instruments together for an all-purpose promotional gift. Their Brite Spot Highlights comes in all of your favorite neon shades so your messages and notes are seen with ease!

Paint Markers

The class of 2021 is looking forward to celebrating in style. According to  the NPD group, “Coloring and art was the standout category in office supplies in terms of growth, with weekly sales up 86%. Chalk sales grew by 56% and writing instruments including window/glass markers (+146%) and color markers (+81%) also saw notable upticks. More people are using their time at home to express themselves creatively. Paint markers and window chalk make amazing gifts for students who want to show off their school spirit. Students will want to decorate their cars, windows, and classrooms as they celebrate one of the most challenging school years to date. We can all use some more color in our lives!

Dry Erase Gear

Looking to help our your local first responders? Dry erase markers are ideal for nurses and other healthcare professionals in hospital settings. Patient information is writing on the board in each room and dry erase markers (up-level it with a lanyard attachment) are the perfect utility item for the staff.

Writing instruments do not have to be boring or repetitive. Think about what you use on a daily basis while you’re at work, and consider what you’re always wishing you had on hand. Crafting, art, and utilities are just a small sample of how many impressions you can glean from using writing utensils for your next promotion!

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