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The restaurant and brewery industries are starting to make a comeback after a long and challenging two years. Folks love visiting local eateries where they can not only enjoy good food, but have an experience as well.  The same goes for coffee roasters and coffee shops. Local establishments like this are now part of a city’s local pride and identity. Why not show off that pride with a logo bandana or pet bandana?

Bandanas are having a moment right now and we’re here for it! Bandanas are a functional and fun product for giveaways and gift shops, and has all of the flat-surface branding space of signage. We love the classic designs like paisley and the variety of colors and screen-printing options that are available. A bandana with the logo or name of the restaurant, serves as a keepsake item that reminds folks of the great time they had.

Let’s not forget about our furry friends! Most dogs, and even some cats, love wearing bandanas. You can express yourself, keep your pooch warm, and even spark a conversation based on your pup’s apparel.

So, for that next drink or food promo, think about using a small and impressive apparel accessory that is truly one size fits all.

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