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We have seen many trends within the past two years to help build company morale and create a positive work environment. The Swag Bag for new employees makes onboarding easy, fun, and memorable. But–what do you put in it? The goal is to make a new employee become a true brand ambassador.

Startup companies like Calendly, according to Fortune, have been sending gift boxes along with offer letters. The note reads, “Congratulations, you just got a job offer from Calendly!” A T-shirt with the company’s emblem, a cocktail kit, a thermos, a glass candy jar, stickers, and a card with the company’s ideals printed on it are all included inside the box. Not only is the company’s brand easily visible to a new employee, but it reminds everyone of the core values a the heart of their brand.

Creating something great for new employees truly helps them feel welcome, but let’s not forget about veteran employees! Finding ways to appeal to a customer’s or client’s human side is critical. The idea is to appear to be much more than a corporate giant. Gratitude cards and gift boxes come in handy in this situation and can be used to celebrate anniversaries, promotions, and other milestones that should be remembered!

In addition to the contents you’ll place in the bag, you must think about the craftsmanship of the bag. To guarantee that attendees remember your brand, the gift bag should also include your brand’s logo. The container should be small enough to carry on a daily basis. A bag made from recyclable materials from an environmental company is a wonderful example of good promotion.

We love creating gifts that give back to employees regardless of how long they have been with a company. Employee appreciation boosts morale and makes the work environment feel bonded. Think about incorporating a seasonal or quarterly theme. Your effort will be appreciated!

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