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With picnics, beach parties, and other summer functions, we often forget about protecting our eyes! Before you apply your sunblock and get ready to hit the surf, think about all of the creative options your business has when it comes to using sunglasses as a promotional item. With a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, the choices are truly endless. Not to mention, this accessory is great for kids and adults of all ages, which is why this week our spotlight is all about shades, and how you can use them to expand your reach!

Did you know that men’s sunglasses sell every 90 seconds on Ebay? How about the fact that the popular Ray-Ban aviator style we all love came about in 1936? Sunglasses are truly a popular accessory, and styles that were introduced in the 1930s are still just as popular, which means that people will be wearing your design and logo for all of their summer outings. A cool pattern and color like the ones shown above make a great accessory for young ladies and men alike! Adding a catchy tagline on the side shows character and flair, but also gets your slogan out in the open.

You can even use your sunglasses to direct attention to your social media accounts. Try screen-printing your Facebook or Twitter handle on the side, or even create a fun hash tag that is relevant to your business. Encourage your customers to do more than just wear your brand, have them actually interact and engage with it. Making a creative twist on an otherwise “ordinary” product keeps your image fresh and fun! So, this summer the eyes have it—get ready to create stunning shades that everyone will adore!

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