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Most folks have a health and wellness goal in mind. Maybe you want to get stronger, start cooking more, or just get into a daily wellness routine. If you’re getting ready to welcome customers back into your business space, providing them with gifts that can be used regularly is key. Due to the pandemic, “One in four American respondents agreed their mental health has been impacted, while three in 10 say they decreased their chances of being healthy by stocking their cabinets with junk food” (NIH). Create excitement and inspire people to get active with these exciting health and wellness items!

First Aid Kits

Health and wellness gifts are perfect for schools and sports teams. The season is almost upon us! Think about adding personalized first aid kits to your promotion rotation. Nearly 1/2 of U.S. adults don’t have a First Aid kit in their home. Sending one home with students on the first day of school or sports is an awesome way to increase that percentage.

In addition, you might consider sending home customized hand sanitizers or rubber glove kits to boost value. So many organizations are taking care of children on a daily basis. Scouts, church groups, and even doctor’s offices will love these customized kits.

Blender Cups

Drinkware is one of the most popular promo items. Add in a health and wellness twist by sending blender bottles out as gifts! We love how these stylish cups are not only BPA free, but can also be printed with plant-based inks. This cup holds up to 16 oz. in the top compartment of the container and 1/2 of a cup of protein power or other supplement powders in the bottom compartment. It can also be used as storage for post-workout snacks. It also includes a blender screen that can be used as a fruit infuser or ice strainer. Multi-purpose products? We love it!

Sport Towels

Towels make great health and wellness items because they are an all-ages product. Colleges, sports teams, and even offices can benefit from a fitness themed gift with one of these self-cooling towels as the centerpiece.

Health and wellness items do not have to break the bank in terms of budget. Keep it simple with products that are classic, useful, and will continue to last and make an impact on your customer’s daily lives.

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