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The last year and a half has shown us that remote workers and work from home employees still want and need to feel connected and valued. Remote workers learned to balance their every day duties with the needs of their families and loved ones all while managing to keep their job-related tasks under control. How can you thank your remote workers? How can you capitalize on the potential for virtual connections and employee engagement opportunities? We have a few ways!

Apparel and Athleisure

Some companies have noticed that the “massive remote worker transition,  converted business casual dress codes to straight casual and athleisure,” says Chris Blakeslee, president of Commerce, CA-based supplier Bella+Canvas (asi/39590). “In terms of unit volume, this will be the highest growth category in the industry.” Expect clients to seek comfort-centered styles and fabrications like cozy hoodies, fleece and Sherpa. Personalizing these items with sleek embroidery or classic screen prints is the perfect way to promote unity across those Zoom calls.

Personalized Gifts with a Self-Care Theme

Remote workers and those in the office are taking self-care seriously! After surviving one of the most difficult years in history, a company water bottle might not be enough. People are looking for personalized items that truly speak to them. We love these blue light blocking glasses which help to protect your eyes from the blue light of phones, computer screens, and tablets.

The National Institute of Health explains that, “Extensive viewing of the computer screen can lead to eye discomfort, fatigue, blurred vision and headaches, dry eyes and other symptoms of eyestrain.”  Furthermore a recent survey from Study Finds found that “the average American will spend the equivalent of 44 years looking at some kind of digital screen.” Scary, huh? Give those eyes a break already!

Keep ’em Charged!

remoteFinally, we’re pretty much obsessed with anything wireless. Working from home has shown us that we need to be ready to go at a moment’s notice and wires just get in the way.

This sleek and snazzy cube wireless charger and speaker does it all! Background music? A new podcast? Better sound on those Google Meets? We hear you loud and clear! (See what we did there??)

Items that make remote working a little bit easier are going to be some of the best choices that you can make for your employees who aren’t in the office every day. Connecting with others is what our business is all about; we want to make sure you maintain your connections, too!

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