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The first quarter of 2021 is coming to a close which means many folks are heading back into the office. Employees of all ages and careers are having a myriad of emotions about returning back to work. Some folks are more than ready; some are reserved. However you’re feeling is 100% fine! Easing the transition back to the office can be made much smoother with some heartfelt, useful welcome-back gifts. Consider putting together small, customized, office survival kits with some of the following items:

Soft screen-printed masks are simple and easy to customize with a logo or small text. Skip the clinical throwaway masks without any personality or flair! Instead, provide a few soft cloth masks that are breathable, stylish, and promote unity throughout the office or workplace.

Everyone looks sharp and on point when they match! Promoting the sense of togetherness during these unprecedented and difficult times is important! Try to think about what your office “uniform” consists of and create something that matches what everybody generally wears. Keep a few on hand in the event that someone forgets to bring theirs! Print it with vegetable based ink for extra “green” points!


The last year has really taught us the importance of hand washing! If you’re working at a job where you come in contact with lots of people (think teachers and other essential workers), having a personalized hand sanitizer in reach is going to be a game changer! Consider printing a simple thank you message to let your employees know you care!

Finally, consider tying it all together with a sleek string bag. These are washable (yay!), easy to customize, and can hold the essentials for any office day!

We love how much screen printing real estate there is on these bags. Think about adding your logo, company colors, contact information, or even a thank you message. Your employees are truly essential! Help them feel valued throughout their transition back to the office and every day after!


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