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Many modern businesses, particularly those in the start-up and technology sectors, are adopting a more casual dress code in the workplace. Suits and ties are a thing of the past. Many businesses also host charity events, staff retreats, and attend conferences and other events where company representation is critical. Customized company t-shirts are the ideal apparel choice for employees to represent and advertise your company in each of these situations. Here are three reasons why your company should have a personalized company t-shirt.

Brand Representation

The most significant advantage of a customized company t-shirt is that it allows your employees to show their support for the business or company. This is helpful because it distinguishes them from clients and customers. People will recognize the employees at a glance. This representation can also be used for advertising both inside and outside the office. Branding aids in the recall of your product or service. People begin to associate the t-shirt with your company, which makes them more likely to seek you out.

Company Unity

Wearing identical clothing allows groups of people to feel more connected to one another and united behind the company for which they work. This can improve communication, employee relationships, and overall productivity. When you choose customized company tees for your employees, you have several options for increasing their sense of unity. Forbes has stated that, “Even before the pandemic it was clear that a lack of engagement could cost American companies up to $550 billion per year in things like increased turnover, and lack of employee productivity,” which means that employees want to feel like a part of a team that values them. Custom tees for the whole team make this a tangible reality.


Tshirts are just plain fun! Try having a design competition within the office or offer a design your own tee as a giveaway for local clubs or organizations. Custom tshirts are just one way to create unity, boost morale, and expand your brand in a unique way that everyone will love.

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