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We do a lot of screen printing and custom orders at Screen Tek, but embroidery lights us up just as much! Folks often forget that embroidery is an art that dates back to the dawn of time. Hand embroidery was used for textiles and gifts, and it was not until centuries later that the high speed embroidery machines of today would continue to help the industry grow. If you haven’t experienced the wonder of embroidery, here are three ways you can start today!

Stand Out Among the Crowd

Well designed embroidery elevates your brand’s appearance! Your logo is usually the first thing a customer will see when they step into your business, apparel is a close second. Embroidery gives you a professional look and adds high value. Try adding an embroidered patch to a beanie or hat!

Embroidery is Durable

Many markets have a high demand for durable apparel. A quality embroidered design is very hard wearing and is designed to stand heavy laundering and the colors will not fade on high temperatures. Contractors and other folks who work in the elements will appreciate a good design that remains crisp and clear.

Flexible Materials

Many items can be embroidered easily including denim, track jackets, sweatshirts, cotton, fleece, and aprons! Track Jackets are perfect for sports teams at the high school or college level, aprons are perfect for the restaurant industry, and tees and sweatshirts are a favorite for everyone.

So, will you embroider your next set of apparel? Let us help you come up with a sleek and timeless design.

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