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Magnets are one of the most popular promotional products out there. Magnets are cost effective and easy to customize. Did you know that according to a survey done at Purdue University, a person opens a refrigerator 20 times a day? Incredible–for a few reasons: 1) We do a lot of snacking and eating, and 2) People can be viewing your business’s logo and contact information that many times in 24 hour period. There are so many different types of magnets, it can be almost overwhelming to decide which one you like the most–and most importantly, which one your customers will appreciate, too!

First on our list is the clip magnet. If you’ve never used magnets before and are just delving into the numerous options out there, then a clip is a great place to start. Clip magnets are great for holding on to shopping lists and reminders, and they can be stuck on any type of surface. Choose a color that jives with your logo and business colors and you’re good to go!

You want a clip that holds important notes and functions as a miniature dry erase board? Look no further than this adorable and convenient package including magnet, mini eraser, and mini marker. Perfect for teachers and students, these magnets can be placed inside a locker or on a chalkboard with ease.

Last but definitely not least on our list of magical magnets is the business card. We all know that networking is important, especially at trade shows and events. Having business cards and contact information handy doesn’t just benefit the consumer, but also benefits you, the business owner, by being prepared and ready to share your talents with potential clients and customers.

Think about sending a card style magnet in your next mailer. They are easy to ship and best of all? Our magnet options include eco-friendly design choices.  The magnetic portion passes toy safety standards for heavy metals content and contains 50% recycled magnetic material! Go green and stick it to ’em this quarter!


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