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Athleisure is still owning it! This spring,  millennials and Generation Z consumers expect more aware fashion and are interested in a social cause from companies. In 2020 and 2021, the sportswear market will be focused on providing technical and digital lifestyle satisfaction while also developing sustainable fashion. We’re here to tell you what we love about these new athleisure and activewear trends!

Staying Home

Did you know that more than 68 percent of consumers would prefer to use a home gym system over going to a gym? We have been adjusting to a slower paced and homier lifestyle within the past two years. More than ever, folks are working from home. Using athleisure apparel to bridge the gap between working from home, and working out at home has never been easier.

Consider screen-printing your company’s logo on on-trend items like sports bras, yoga jeggings and tank tops. Forbes explains that, “17,000 brands and 180 million True Fit users, confirms that athleisure orders jumped 84% since the start of the pandemic” and furthemore that “the U.S. sports apparel market was valued at  $113.4 billion in 2021.” Jumping on the athleisure train is going to continue to propel your brand and place it front of as many eyes as possible. Many styles are perfect for going from the Zoom room to your home gym!

QR Codes to Learn More

Activewear is coming in hot for spring, but have you thought about how to elevate those leggings, yoga pants, and accessories? Consumers want to know more about the brand they are spending their money on. QR codes offer a unique and personalized way to engage with a brand on a larger scale. Engagement is key for the millenial and GenZ customer. Using a QR code on your company’s tags can increase sales, brand loyalty, and even make customers connect on an emotional level to your brand. Add a QR code that provides information or an interactive experience, or offers something personalized!

Community Surrounding the Clothing

We all want to find meaningful connections, and a pandemic has made that a challenge. Make sure that your logo, design, and brand has a true meaning and purpose behind it. We love making designs that truly show heart and soul of the brands we work with. Many consumers want a better, more natural, more sustainable world, where our impact on the environment gets smaller–think about how your brand can create a true community, especially in the wellness community!

So, what will you do next? Think of one small way that you can get your brand as engaged as possible, jump on the newest trends, and see the hard work pay off!

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