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You love your new tees, your customers and clients are rocking your brand for all to see, and your team loves sporting company pride. But–what’s that? After a few months, those tees can look a little worn without the proper care. Caring for your screen printed t-shirts is just as important as knowing how to properly screen print! This week, we’re giving you our favorite Do’s and Dont’s so you can keep everything looking fresh off the printer!

Screen Print Care DO’S

  • Wash screen-printed garments inside out. This protects the screen print from abrasions from other items sharing the washer.
  • Wash screen-printed items with those made of the same (or similar) fabrics to decrease pilling and lint transferring.
  • Use a very mild detergent when washing screen-printed clothing.
  • Always wash in cool water. All water temperatures below 90° Fahrenheit are safe for screen-printed garments.
  • Hand-wash the garment if possible or use the washing machine’s gentle cycle.
  • Hang the garment or lay it flat to dry.
  • Use a cool iron, if necessary, and iron the screen-printed garment inside out.
  • Iron the screen-printed garment between two pieces of cloth to protect the design.

Screen Print Care DONT’S

  • Don’t dry clean screen-printed items. The chemicals in the dry cleaning process can cause spotting or staining.
  • Avoid bleach, even if it says “color safe.” Many bleaches are abrasive and can damage and fade your printed artwork.
  • Do not use fabric softener on screen-printed garments. Fabric softeners degrade the ink used in the screen-printing process.
  • If ironing the screen-printed item, do not use steam.

When dealing with custom screen printing products such as shirts, hoodies, and other items, it is always best to be cautious. Use gentle detergents, use low heat, and, if possible, wash with your hands. Clothing naturally lasts longer when properly cared for and your tee will continue to look as great as the day you purchased it!

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