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The t-shirt craze is unstoppable. They are a  staple everyone wears when going on a date, going out to a party, shopping, or relaxing on the couch. With the evolution of custom clothing, this fandom has taken a new direction. T-shirt design trends change as well, with some designs making a comeback. This week we’ll talk about five new trends and some old favorites that are getting a major reboot!

Crypto Tees

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has grown at an exponential rate. Recently, interest in cryptocurrency has fueled the fashion industry as well. With the rise of NFT art, many people will be looking for crypto or NFT art-inspired t-shirts in 2022. Within the last year,  global crypto ownership rates were estimated at an average of 3.9%, with over 300 million crypto users worldwide which means that this trend transfers easily to the clothing world!


Lettering has made a major splash in the stationery industry. Now, lettering designs are hitting the t-shirt market and we’re here for it! Some artists hand draw the designs with paper and pencil before transferring them to the digital realm. Changing the size, colors, and placements of logos and letters can help your brand become more noticeable and more in tune with upcoming trends within the fashion industry.

Nature Inspired

A lot of folks are getting back to nature. Plants, leaves, mountains, and other nature-inspired designs will be more in demand. If you adore nature, this is your chance to make it a reality by covering your style in it. And if you’re working on building your brand, adding a green or natural component will make a major impact.

Pixelized Art

Pixel art is regaining popularity as a result of NFTs. Let’s face it, they look fantastic! In any case, pixel art design with a personalized message can help you take your fashion game to the next level. If you have a strong idea, give it a pixel art form. This might mean pixelizing your logo or design to create “special edition” tees and limited designs to create a sense of urgency with your brand.

Your taste is determined by the type of custom shirts you choose for giveaways, employees, and more. Each t-shirt you add to your wardrobe is a reflection of your personality as well as an addition to your fashion choices. After all, fashion should reflect your personality, so get on trend and create designs that your customers cannot wait to wear!

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