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Customers and clients are looking for niche-friendly methods to go greener! Technology allows promotional product companies to calculate their impact on the environment and encourage folks to hold on to their items just a bit longer. Sustainability is not just another buzzword! Customers want to know how your brand feels about going green and using ethical sourcing and materials.

Consider this: most people only wear an article of clothing 3-4 times before tossing it or forgetting about it. RIP Campus Rush shirt of 2010! To avoid the t-shirt toss, businesses are adding QR codes to their promotional products (think t-shirt tags) that link to initiatives like Wear Me 30 Times. This slow fashion campaign allows for your apparel items to become an experience! Scan your QR code and you will be brought to a digital experience that allows you to post your 1st and 30th selfie.

The sense of community is fun and the interface is easy to use. Plus, the more your customers wear your apparel, the more folks will see your name again and again! You might even try launching a special coupon code once they get to their 30th time wearing your apparel. There are so many fun ways to blend technology and sustainability without doing heavy lifting on your end.

What will you try next? What do your customers want to see when it comes to eco-friendly ideas? Share them with us! We can get you started on your eco journey without a hitch.

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