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When you need to order t-shirts for a group and don’t have a list of everyone’s sizes, whether you’re getting t-shirts for your office, people in your community, or something for your school sale, it can be intimidating. Don’t be worried.   Our merchandising team gathered data on what size t-shirts people actually buy, and we’ve broken it all down to make your next group t-shirt order a breeze. Not only that, but we have recommendations and tips on what types of shirts to order, terminology for t-shirt fits and sizing, and some great ordering alternatives to take the guesswork out of your next bulk order. 

So, What Sizes Should I Order?

Youth sizing can really throw things off when you’re trying to figure out adult sizes by themselves. (If you do have children to order for, we have a section for you below!) Here’s your breakdown without youth sizes factored in: 14% small, 25% medium, 28 % large, 21% extra large, 9% 2XL, 3% extended (3XL and up). As you can see, the bulk of your sizes (74%) is right in the middle, and it’s split pretty evenly among sizes medium, large, and extra large, with large coming out slightly ahead. If you’re ordering the Hanes Authentic T-shirt or any other standard fit unisex t-shirt, this should give you the formula you need. However, depending on the type of group you’re ordering for, there are many other sizes and cuts of shirts to consider. 

A Few Things To Know about Unisex Shirt Sizing and Specialty Cuts

When you’re thinking about t-shirt sizes, you should take into consideration the sizing and cuts of the specific shirt you choose. For example, The Hanes Authentic T-shirt sizing, which is standard unisex, is different from Bella + Canvas t-shirt sizing, which tends to be semi-fitted and run small. Pay attention to vendors, manufacturers, and styles to make sure that you pick the appropriate size and style for your group! 

Apparel Styles: Unisex, Women’s, and Youth – Tips and Tricks

  • Unisex products have wider shoulders, longer arms, and added length in the body and are styled for any gender.

  • Women’s clothing has narrower shoulders, shorter arms, and a fitted, contoured silhouette.

  • Youth sizes are specifically designed for children and can range from infant and toddler sizes to youth XL.

  • Order a larger size for children–they will continue to grow! 

Don’t Worry about a Thing!

As you can see, there are a lot of factors involved when ordering t-shirts for groups. We can place a group order just for you to make sure your group gets everything they need! Think about meeting with our design team to iron out the details. Whatever custom products you decide to order for your group, we’ve got you covered.

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