Cool Coffees and Terrific Teas for Your Next Promotion


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Cool Coffees and Terrific Teas!

If everyone has survived the first phase of holiday shopping,” then we commend you! The hustle of the holidays is in full swing and we’re all about having an extra cuppa. Have you thought about using coffee or tea in your next promotion? We’ve got some ideas for you to give it a whirl!

Maybe you don’t need a pair of brass knuckles to keep your employees from falling asleep, but this mug might just do the trick! To celebrate the start of the season, treat your employees to a mug filled with delicious gourmet coffee beans. You don’t have to have a special logo or tagline with this cup of joe. Unique corporate gifts are a great incentive to keep company morale up during the lulls before the holiday season. So think unique if you’re giving out mugs as a gift to your employees, and don’t forget to fill it with something nice too!

Don’t forget that mugs make great gifts for your regular customers. Mail them out or offer them at your place of business. Fill them with gourmet coffee, tea, or something special that relates directly to the goods and services you provide.

Looking for a sweet treat instead of the usual mugs and tumblers? Look no further than chocolate covered coffee and espresso beans complete with your logo right on the individually wrapped bag. You can even choose your ribbon color.

Chocolate covered coffee beans offer a distinct taste that packs a quick punch of energy. We all know what it’s like to have that “three o’clock lull” throughout the work day. Instead of sipping on an energy drink, your customers will enjoy popping a couple of these sweet treats into their mouths to get their energy up! Dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants too. Delicious wellness! Don’t forget about decorating your bags with gold dots, red swirl, black diamonds, or classic clear designs!

Hey! Don’t forget about your tea drinking customers too! In a fast paced society, it can be easy to forget that not everyone is a coffee fiend. Sometimes, it’s nice to relax with a warm cup of tea.

Gourmet tea tins often offer six teas of your choice in a customizable tin. It’s a refreshing and sweet finish to a busy day or as a beginning to a calm night in! You can customize this tin with a decal, hot stamp, or four-color printing of your logo and contact information. Each time a customer opens their tea tin they will remember you with a warm smile and mug!

With portable mugs becoming an everyday item and coffee and tea at home becoming a thing of the past due to our busy schedules, why not bring a little bit of home back to your customers. Unique mugs, gourmet snacks, and relaxing tea flavors help to kick off the fall season with some warming comforts that customers and employees alike can appreciate!

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